Fully Unattended Condition Monitoring on Trains

Condition monitoring allows engineers to understand the health of key assets; whether they are machines in a factory, or for Govia, the UK’s largest railway franchise; the trains that make up their fleet.

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Transform to Industry 4.0 With Automated Data Capture

Lean Transition Solutions automated data capture system, powered by Brainboxes Ethernet I/O modules, shows how production lines can be optimised with Industry 4.0.

Read more … 2020-10-28

Automation in the Antarctic - Adding Resilience to Remote Data Capture Systems

Thanks to an innovative autonomous power system using Brainboxes Analogue Input modules, the British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Research Station is able for the first time to remotely collect measurements all year-round.

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Serial Tunnelling - Long Distance Communication Made Simple

Industrial serial tunnelling enables the sending of control data over any distance, eliminating the need for bespoke cabling.

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RS Crane Monitoring

The ability to send real-time data across expansive spaces makes optimisation of any environment possible.

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Global Jet Watch

Reliable connections send the right astrophysics data to monitor black holes from thousands of miles away.

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Monitor and Control Heating Systems Remotely

Riding the wave of IIoT technology to provide HVAC solutions at the right disruptive price point.

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Connect using tunnelling

Simple settings in Brainboxes' software allow two devices to connect over any distance.

Read more … 2017-06-16

Smart Cities

Energy monitoring and control improves efficiency, is good for the environment, and helps keep costs down.

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Food Waste Disposal - Remote Machine Monitoring

Getting data out of a machine and into the cloud was the first step towards useful reporting

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