EN - Case Studies - Retail point of sale

http://www.brainboxes.com/files/pages/company/case-studies/point-of-sale/section.jpgBrainboxes products are used in a wide variety of retail environments such as stores, restaurants, and bars. Much ofthe point of sale equipment used in these locations (barcode scanners, credit card readers, cash drawers etc.) connects to a PC using an RS232 serial port. Brainboxes products provide up to 8 serial ports from a single PCI slot. Some of the products can also allow the equipment to be powered from the same port, rather than needing a separate power source

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EN - Case Studies - Industrial & Scientific

Brainboxes products can be implemented into many industrial companies operating systems. The industry can benefit enormously from new technology as it can help in optimising sales force productivity by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks often associated with industrial companies operating systems.

By automating processes, speeding up the selling cycle and providing up to the minute account information, you can promote a more productive and effective service.

Brainboxes believe that investing money into new technologies can help companies in the industrial sector handle increased business without the need for new staff. In relation to the travel industry, Brainboxes products can also help to give passengers more convenience, and give the company the opportunity to save costs through improved efficiency.

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EN - Case Studies - Finance

Bank and building societies provide a fast, convenient and consistent service from the multiple financial channels they provide, including local branches, call centres, ATM’s and the internet. Leading high street names use Brainboxes serial cards where reliability and quality are paramount in mission critical data transfer applications.

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EN - Case Studies - Medical

Originally designed to offer a cable-free connection between PC's, printers and other peripherals, Bluetooth is an open specification for seamless, wireless, short range data and voice communications. Applications for Bluetooth spread far beyond the IT industry and the medical field is just one of many suitable markets where Brainboxes Bluetooth technology could be used effectively. Traditionally patient monitoring has been largely dependant on cable and a diversity of interface standards, all of which contribute to the complexity of healthcare. Brainboxes feel that implementing Bluetooth wireless technology into the medical market can offer many benefits.

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EN - Case Studies - Other

Brainboxes products  have been successfully implemented in a diverse range of miscellaneous applications.

From the monitoring of gaming machines and  the data processing of air control to the environmental monitoring of hatcheries, Brainboxes can find the solution you are looking for.

The case studies below illustrate a number of different examples where Brainboxes products are used in a wide range of applications across a number of different sectors.

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