Brainboxes products can be implemented into many industrial companies operating systems. The industry can benefit enormously from new technology as it can help in optimising sales force productivity by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks often associated with industrial companies operating systems.

By automating processes, speeding up the selling cycle and providing up to the minute account information, you can promote a more productive and effective service.

Brainboxes believe that investing money into new technologies can help companies in the industrial sector handle increased business without the need for new staff. In relation to the travel industry, Brainboxes products can also help to give passengers more convenience, and give the company the opportunity to save costs through improved efficiency.

Educational Laboratories
Brainboxes PCMCIA cards used in educational laboratories

Most laptops coming to market today have no serial ports included.  This means that schools, colleges and universities using laptops in laboratories are unable to attach RS232 peripherals. 

Brainboxes PCMCIA cards add additional ports to laptops to enable students to download and analyse data from diagnostic equipment such as weighing scales, spectrometers, scales and balances, gauges, pH/electrochemistry meters and densitometers.

Marine Industry
Brainboxes Bluetooth products used in the marine industry

Manufacturers of 'man overboard' safety devices use a Bluetooth BL-521 to tag yacht crews.

Should they be swept overboard the device will immediately pinpoint their exact location and time and set off an alarm on a laptop.  The laptop provides an accurate original point of entry position and is vital in aiding search and rescue efforts.

A ruggedised PM-143 RS232 PCMCIA card was used by yacht crews during recent round the world yacht races for navigational purposes. Crews downloaded GPS data and weather reports to a laptop for data analysis. A Brainboxes ruggedised card was chosen because of the harsh environment encountered in extreme race conditions.

Food Industry
Brainboxes BL-521 used in the Food Industry

Leading manufacturers of scientific instruments and testing apparatus used in food diagnostics specify Bluetooth BL-521 to test for safe levels of compounds in the food industry.

Brainboxes BL-521 can take a reading from a level measurement machine to test levels of salt, sodium and minerals in foods.  readings will then be taken by a handheld PDA and the information fed into a laptop or PC.

Engineering Sector
Brainboxes Bluetooth adaptors used within the engineering sector

Brainboxes Bluetooth adaptors are used in several wireless applications within the engineering sector.

A major calibration company uses BL-819, and BL-830, connected to laptops to download automatically generated compensation data to ensure the accuracy of precision machine tools within the vehicle and aeronautical manufacturing sectors.

Scientific Applications
Serial in Scientific Applications

Most laptops coming to market today have no serial ports included. This means that laboratory scientists using laptops in industry, universities and schools are unable to attach RS232 and RS422/485 serial peripherals. Brainboxes PCMCIA cards add additional ports to laptops to enable scientists to download and analyse data from diagnostic equipment such as weighing scales, spectrometers, scales and balances, gauges, pH /electrochemistry meters and densitometers.

Lighting Systems
Brainboxes serial used in lighting systems

A large European exterior lighting systems specialist for roads, underground passes, parks and car parks chose Brainboxes four port universal RS422/485 serial cards to connect a series of lights to a main computer to control activation settings for operational times and seasonal climate adjustments.

Clothing Industry
Brainboxes Serial Cards used in the clothing industry

Brainboxes UC-268 is used as an interfacing card for data polling a network of sewing machines within the clothing industry by a leading supplier of solutions for the manufacturing industry. The PCI card connects all the serial data input machines to the main database to gather production information for analysis.

Offshore Applications
Brainboxes Serial Cards used in offshore applications

Brainboxes products are used in the oil and gas industry in several offshore applications. A specialised system integrator for on and offshore oil and gas drilling and production platforms used Brainboxes UC-310 RS422/485 opto-isolated serial cards in a custom made PC. Opto-isolation was chosen to protect equipment from electrical spikes that can occur in harsh environmental conditions such as temperature extremes, constant vibration, dirt and dust. Brainboxes UC-310 serial cards were linked from PC's to surface to seabed monitoring equipment.

A world leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment operating in the UK, USA, Asia and India uses Brainboxes UC-431 three port serial cards to link underwater vibration monitoring units together to form seismic vibration forms in mission critical situations.

Electrical Safety
Brainboxes Bluetooth improving electrical safety

Brainboxes has worked with major utility companies to improve the safety of power engineers working with electricity pylons.

Previously power engineers would have to climb pylons in all weather conditions to isolate the power supply either side of the power failure before being able to repair the fault.

The use of Brainboxes Bluetooth BL-521 in the remote terminal units, RTU's, enables power engineers to switch off power to each pylon quickly using a Bluetooth enabled laptop from a safe distance.

Traffic Management
Brainboxes Bluetooth used for traffic management

Brainboxes Bluetooth BL-565 CompactFlash cards are used by several traffic management companies for installation, commissioning and maintenance of most on-street equipment.

Field engineers have to access the equipment locally, previously this meant opening the cabinet doors and exposing internal components to the elements, as well as creating potential risks for engineers and members of the public.

A safer option is for engineers use Brainboxes BL-565 inserted into a PDA to wirelessly communicate to the system software from the safety of their vehicle up to a distance of 100 metres.

Test & Measurement
Brainboxes Bluetooth used in testing and measurement

Brainboxes Bluetooth BL-819 has been used successfully by an international manufacturer of Oscilloscopes.

The wireless connectivity enables test and measurement scientists to connect mobile peripherals to oscilloscopes to create, generate or replicate signal generation, from a distance of 30 metres or 100 feet and download their results to a laptop or PDA.

Data Collection
Brainboxes Bluetooth used in data collection

Many companies using meter billing transactions prefer to replace their cable systems with Bluetooth for data retrieval, and specify Brainboxes BL-819 connected to PDA's for in-field data logging.

Voice Over Transmission
Brainboxes Bluetooth used in voice over transmission

A major PDA manufacturer has equipped a non-embedded Bluetooth PDA with a Brainboxes BL-565 CompactFlash card to enable voice to be transmitted over a range of up to 100m. This has provided another dimension to communications using hand-held equipment without the need for PMR or telephony services.

It enables warehouse operatives to have the facility to perform inventory checks or data analysis whilst being able to talk to each other via the hand-held and earpiece.

Vending Systems
Brainboxes Bluetooth used in vending systems

Brainboxes Bluetooth BL-830 is used to wirelessly connect vending machines to operators' remote monitoring units.

Operators can download data regarding stock levels and an analysis of sales by product, machine, operative, area and company. The system reduces unnecessary trips to replenish machines and saves costs by reducing machine downtime.

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