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Brainboxes products  have been successfully implemented in a diverse range of miscellaneous applications.

From the monitoring of gaming machines and  the data processing of air control to the environmental monitoring of hatcheries, Brainboxes can find the solution you are looking for.

The case studies below illustrate a number of different examples where Brainboxes products are used in a wide range of applications across a number of different sectors.

Instrumentation Case Studies

Brainboxes now have five products that are fully IBM approved with an IBM accredited part numbers for use by integrators using IBM platforms.

Brainboxes UC-257 is a standard size RS232 two port card which is extremely flexible and one of our top selling products.

Surveying Equipment
Brainboxes Serial Cards used in surveying equipment

Brainboxes PM-020 is a one port RS232 PCMCIA card giving mobile processing power.

A ruggedised PCMCIA card is ideal for adding extra serial ports for surveyors using laptops to collate GPS and surveying instruments.

Brainboxes Serial Cards used in Security

Brainboxes products are used in many applications within the security industry.

Brainboxes PM-143 is a ruggedised one port RS232 PCMCIA card which is ideal for use by field engineers in harsh environments such as control of security cameras, robotic equipment and motion sensors.

One of the UK’s major police forces use a Brainboxes UC-246 two port serial card to add additional serial ports to their PC’s.

One serial port connects to a security badge reader and anti-tampering device which protects access to internal and external databases and the parallel port connects to a printer. HMS correctional facilities, justice departments and government agencies use serial cards to link PC’s to secure internal access peripherals such as ID card readers, monitors and scanners.

Livestock Tracking
Brainboxes takes Bluetooth Cattle Class

Brainboxes, specialists in Bluetooth and Serial technologies, has for some time been co operating with AglnfoLink, to bring Bluetooth wireless technology to livestock tracking applications.

The animals are tagged with an RFID ID tag soon after birth and from then on are tracked across a farm-to-market data network supplied by AgInfoLink. The wireless Bluetooth communications, made possible by Brainboxes' serial Bluetooth convertor modules, provides the important link between the reader and a PC or PDA which processes the information.

The key application for this technology is for tracking the attributes associated with livestock and other agricultural products- from vaccinations, treatments and weights to movement and location history.

The rugged handheld reader is used to read an RFID tag, the Bluetooth communication then sends the data wirelessly back to the host. Following the identification, the PDA will inform the farmer of the ID and status of the animal or other item and advise the farmer of any action required.

The wands are called Tag Trackers anf the one device incorporates RF-ID technology as well as Bluetooth technology from Brainboxes. To reduce the reliance on the very simple host equipment, Brainboxes supplied its serial (RS232) Bluetooth convertor modules. These modules allow dumb devices to be enabled for wireless communication without the need for configuration or additional software.

The module is a class 1 Bluetooth device, which means it can operate wirelessly at a range of up to 100 metres (in an open field). Brainboxes Bluetooth converter is RS232-compatible which means it will connect to a wide variety of legacy devices which may not have been designed to work wirelessly but which perhaps could benefit from remote operation.

Lee Curkendale, Vice President Business Development, AgInfoLink comented, "In Bluetooth- enabling our readers, it was important that the hardware and software were very easy to implement and configure. Brainboxes provided us with an ideal customised Bluetooth solution to a rather unusual problem".

Eamonn Walsh, Chairman and Technical Director of Brainboxes added, "Brainboxes has vast experience in customising Serial and Bluetooth devices to our customers requirements" Walsh continued, "Our RS232 converters and embedded modules are seeing rapid take up in such industrail and retail applications since they require no configuration and can eaily be applied to cable-inconvenient, cable- averse or cable-impossible applications. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of Bluetooth wireless technology means it is seeing a much wider take up in these applications.

UK Police Force
Brainboxes UC-246 used by UK police force

One of the UK's leading police forces use a Brainboxes UC-246 to add an additional serial port to their PC's to connect to a security badge reader and anti-tampering device which protects access to internal and external databases.

HMS correctional facilities, justice departments and government agencies use serial cards to link PC's to secure internal access peripherals such as ID cards readers, monitors and scanners.

Air Traffic Control
Brainboxes Serial used in Air Traffic Control

A market leader in the supply and installation of radar displays and data processing for air traffic control applications to various international airports uses UC-313 RS422/485 serial cards to transmit data to produce surface movement radar displays.

Several international airports use Brainboxes serial cards to transmit data between sites to improve control, co-ordination and safety.

Where several neighbouring air traffic control units each have their own primary radar, it is useful to exchange this data to ensure co-ordination; safety and low-level coverage are enhanced.

Gaming Technology
Brainboxes Serial used in Gaming Technology

Brainboxes RS422/485 serial cards are used by several large gaming machine providers to provide long distance connectivity between server and peripherals.

Brainboxes UC-324 one port PCI cards transfer data from server to peripherals such as watchdog anti-tampering devices which monitor number of plays, payouts, profitability of each machine and downtime.

Brainboxes Serial Cards used in Broadcast

There is a growing need for serial technology, as global broadcast, media and mobile communications companies make the transition from analogue to digital. These companies operate across terrestrial, satellite and mobile media solutions, wireless solutions and public safety in pioneering the technologies of the digital age.

They use Brainboxes PCMCIA cards to add serial ports to their field engineers’ laptops to run diagnostics, configurations and program updates for a diverse range of media including broadcasting, telemetry and telecoms.

A leading bespoke developer in key TV and video technologies including teletext, subtitling, interactive TV and opt-out cuing uses Brainboxes UC-357 in their subtitling systems. A server runs the system which is connected up to the broadcast automation systems via Brainboxes RS232 and RS422 serial cards.

The broadcast automation systems bring together all the equipment such as editing suite, video tapes, sound and interactive services and teletext used by major TV channels and cable TV stations. These systems then send out the broadcasts to audiences via transmitters into our homes.

Several other broadcasting companies use a Brainboxes four port serial card in broadcast video servers to control video tape machines (VTRs). Brainboxes serial cards are also used for connectivity of automation and editing equipment to the servers for animated productions.

Bluetooth in Education

A leading designer and manufacturer of educational robots use Brainboxes BL-819 Bluetooth adaptor to wirelessly connect a classroom robot to a control device.

The BL-819 is Bluetooth class 2 enabled and can transmit a signal up to 30 metres or 100 feet. In classrooms with younger children and limited space, the cable replacement system brings the added safety of eliminating potential trip hazards.

Printing Systems
Brainboxes Serial Cards used in Printing Systems

A leading designer and manufacturer of newspaper printing press automation and control systems use Brainboxes UC-310 RS422/485 serial cards.

The serial cards are used to link up several PC's to the printing press control desk using RS422/485 for push button control.

As reliability was crucial for this mission critical application Brainboxes cards were specified by the manufacturer, whose technology is used to produce over 40 million newspapers daily.

Office Equipment Suppliers
Bluetooth used by ofiice equipment suppliers

Office equipment suppliers use Brainboxes Bluetooth BL-521 to wirelessly link interactive White Boards to PC’s to eliminate potential trip hazards in the classroom or office.

Using radio frequencies, the wireless link works over distances of up to 50m, through walls and floors and is ideal for use with whiteboards on mobile stands.

Office Environment
Brainboxes Bluetooth used in the office

A major manufacturer of office printers install Brainboxes BL-565 CompactFlash cards within their equipment to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth enabled laptops, PDA’s and PC’s.

The Brainboxes true class 1 device allows everyone in the office environment, using Bluetooth enabled devices within 30 metres, to connect to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled printers without network connection.

DVD Technology
Brainboxes Serial used in DVD technology

A major manufacturer and supplier of DVD components required a number of bespoke PC’s for a customer incorporating an internal uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

To install the UPS’s they required an internal serial RS232 connection. Brainboxes specified a UC-420 which gives three serial ports on a single bracket, with a fourth on a fly lead for an internal or external connection.

The PC’s were then assembled and sent to the end user who used them within Museum road shows operating across Europe and the USA.

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