Retail Point of Sale

Brainboxes products are used in a wide variety of retail environments such as stores, restaurants and bars. Much of the point of sale equipment used in these locations (barcode scanners, credit card readers, cash drawers etc.) connects to a PC using an RS232 serial port or an RS232 powered serial port. Brainboxes products provide up to 8 serial ports from a single PCI slot. Some of the products can also allow the equipment to be powered from the same port, rather than needing a separate power source.

Some examples of the type of companies that have used our products are given below;

Major retail store
Brainboxes RS232 Serial Card used in major retail store

Major retail chain store names found in every high street are benefiting from the reliability, connectivity and lifetime guarantee of Brainboxes RS232 serial cards in their point of sale transactions.

Brainboxes specially adapted UC-420 three port serial cards were integrated into a customised EPOS solution by a leading UK system integrator as part of a major roll out across all UK and selected overseas branches.

UK Travel Industry
Brainboxes Serial Cards used throughout UK travel industry

A leading Express Travel Company uses Brainboxes Serial Cards in their nationwide ticketing operations.

Customised Brainboxes CC-268 Serial Cards are used by a leading UK system integrator to provide an additional four RS232 ports to individual ticketing terminals in a substantial build- to- order roll-out. This proved an extremely cost-effective method of building more functionality into the existing system.

Bluetooth in Retail
Bluetooth in Retail

Brainboxes products are widely used in the retail industry.

An example is Bluetooth BL-819, used to wirelessly connect wall mounted customer counting units which operate up to a distance of 5 metres. The counters have a single or double beam with a range of counting directions which can be set to count legs or bodies.

The data collected is then analysed to provide information such as the number of shoppers per day, week or month, busiest entrances or exits and peak trading times within retail units or shopping centres.

DIY Chain
Brainboxes two port serial cards used in major UK DIY Chain

A major UK DIY chain uses Brainboxes two port serial cards to attach Barcode scanner and Chip and Pin in a retail point of sale roll-out.

Brainboxes UP-189 powered cards enabled peripherals to be powered from the PC hardware. This removed the need for external power supplies for devices.

Catering and Hospitality
Serial in Catering and Hospitality Applications

Brainboxes products are used extensively in the catering and hospitality sector. 

Suppliers of EPoS hospitality systems to major pub, restaurant and hotel chains use UC-257 serial cards to link electronic fund transfer (EFT) applications, such as chip and pin credit card readers, touch screens, cash drawers, scanners and other peripherals to PC's.

Major Supermarket Chain
Brainboxes Serial Cards used in major supermarket chain

A well-known supermarket chain used Brainboxes UP-880 powered cards in their EPoS point of sale systems. Both powered ports were used to connect the cash drawer and pole display to the PC. A Brainboxes UC-257 was also used to connect the PC to other PoS peripherals such as vertical scanners, check readers and price verifiers.

A leading PoS system integrator used Brainboxes UC-157 RS232 low profile universal PCI cards with an additional LPT port. The PC systems were configured for a leading supermarket chain’s self-serve checkout tills and the parallel ports were connected to till receipt printers.

Petrol Chain
Brainboxes Serial Cards used by Petrol chain

Major petrol chains successfully use Brainboxes UC-420 RS232 serial cards to provide EPoS connectivity from the server to peripherals such as barcode scanners, chip and pin units and cash drawers.

Brainboxes UC-279 RS232 serial cards are also used by a supermarket chain in their petrol forecourt shops to connect EPoS peripherals such as tills, scales, touch screens, credit card readers and till printers to PC’s.

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