I appreciate the quick and great customer service you have provided. There are not a lot of companies it seems these days that customer service is a top priority! I give you an A+! Thank you again!

Doris Edler

We selected the Brainboxes unit for a combination of three reasons:

  1. It needed to be able to be powered from an inverter which gives a stable 12VDC and sometimes switches to run off the battery.
  2. Space saving design
  3. Price

A perfect fit, up and running in a matter of hours.

Jon Martin, Intelligent Video Ltd

Thanks for a great product that actually does what it says out the box with easy concise code examples :)

These are making my life easier and saving customers money :)

K.A.Q. Electronics
Our production line is over 70 metres long and your product works so well I expects at every stage one of your units monitoring our processes. There's no complex wiring and it’s easy to use. We have one of these units in test at the moment and have been extremely impressed with the ease of use, how easy it is to interface with the unit and with the unit performance.
Steve Townend