Brainboxes offers more options to solve your Ethernet to Serial needs

Liverpool UK - 24th November 2011 Brainboxes, a leader in serial connectivity, has introduced RS422/485 versions of their 4 and 8 port Ethernet to serial products. As with all our Ethernet to Serial port devices these new products are designed to provide easy, fast and reliable connections between networked computers and devices with serial ports- be it across the desk or across the world.

Brainboxes’ Ethernet to Serial range is the smart and cost-effective solution to securely and remotely manage a wide range of serial accessories for various applications in an organisation. It is based on Brainboxes’ proven and familiar technology and of course comes with Brainboxes’ renowned lifetime support and lifetime guarantee.

Brainboxes has engineered its Ethernet to Serial devices to operate completely autonomously. The new 4 and 8 port RS422/485 devices, as with the rest of the range, will enable connection across a network with no loss of reliability or signal integrity. Brainboxes’ Ethernet to Serial connectivity options are ideal for installations such as refineries, large manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Brainboxes’ Ethernet to Serial products allow large quantities of information to be transferred through each serial port coupled with a fast Ethernet connection. The increased control and automation, through your existing network infrastructure, can help you reduce your costs and improve efficiency whilst our IP30 rated metal cases are strong enough for industrial applications, yet smart enough for any office environment. All of which makes them perfect for a wide and varied range of applications including: ATM machines, barcode scanners, refrigeration and heating controls, medical devices, security controls, weather stations and electronic key systems.


Eamonn Walsh, chairman of Brainboxes says; “The ES-346 and ES-842 - Ethernet Serial Device Servers 4 and 8 RS422/485 ports- demonstrate our commitment to industrial networking and meet the needs of customers controlling many devices, such as stepper motors, on the factory floor.”


The Ethernet to Serial range comes with Microsoft signed drivers for 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP and Windows 2000.


About Brainboxes
~Now in its 28th year of trading~ 
Established in 1984, Brainboxes is about to embark on its 28th and most innovative year of trading to date. Brainboxes is one of the leading PC communication card developers and manufacturers in the World and is continuously expanding its product ranges.
With headquarters in Liverpool, UK, it has a team of highly qualified software and hardware designers, matched by a world-class volume manufacturing facility. Brainboxes was named the Manufacturing Institute’s Small Business of the Year and Champions of Best Practice in 2007. The company also won the 2005 Elektra Manufacturer of the Year award. Brainboxes is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.
The company develops and owns all of its own core technologies, including USB, CompactFlash, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, Bluetooth, Ethernet to Serial PCI Express and PCI products. It is at the forefront of developments in serial card and wireless technology.
Current customers include; Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Reuters and Toshiba.
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Brainboxes contact:
Emily Dixon
Marketing Executive
Telephone:          +44 151 220 2500                             


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