• bb 400 neuron industrial edge controller 8 x i o serial port
  • bb 400 out of the box with labels
  • bb 400 showing pi label
  • bb 400 with QSG and antenna
  • bb 400 with qsg software
bb 400 neuron industrial edge controller 8 x i o serial port
  • Industrial Edge Controller, powered by an industrialised Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • 8 Digital IO, RS232/422/485 Serial Port, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC, RTC and 2 independent Wired Ethernet
  • Connect to factory floor processes, sensors actuators, machines and PLCs
  • Process data locally and send to the cloud. Use our built in software or write your own with open source tools
  • Built in UPS power supply for safe shutdown of processor in event of power loss
  • -25°C to +70°C op temp range, 5-30VDC dual power input, DIN rail mountable
  • BB-400-datasheet (2.95 MB)
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Brainboxes Neuron Edge Controller is an edge processing device. It can be connected to many different types of factory floor equipment sensors and actuators, analyse data/control outputs and present the data locally, or send it to the cloud.

The Brainboxes Neuron Edge Controller, runs on open source software, and the hardware is powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino. This means your developers can quickly port existing solutions to a robust industrialised platform. It has the familiarity of the most popular software platforms, but is robust and can withstand industrial environments.

The hardware includes a built in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS means that if the power is taken away from the device suddenly, then the backup power supply takes over, and allows the operating system to keep running; if the power lowers sufficiently the device will cleanly shutdown without loosing any data.

The power supply allows between 5 Volt and 30 Volt input supply. So it can run in industrial environments where 12 or 24 volts are available, or it can run on a desktop off USB power. It also allows for dual redundant power, 2 power supplies can be connected at once, if one supply fails the other will take over instantly.

The device includes a built in Real Time Clock (RTC) for maintaining the time accurately between reboots and during network outages.

From a connectivity standpoint the device has Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless connections, NFC for close proximity comms and 8x Digital I/O lines and an RS232/422/485 serial port.

The 8 Digital I/O lines are controlled from an integrated Arduino and can be reprogrammed if necessary to perform other functionality (e.g. PWM, 1-wire connections). This allows connectivity to sensors and acutators such as buttons, proximity sensors, motors etc.

The 2 independent Ethernet ports allow the device to firewall off its own subnet while simultaneously connecting to the wider network.

The RS-232/422/485 serial port, can connect at up to 921,600 baud and for RS232 communication includes RTS and CTS lines for handshaking. In addition there is a BUS based DIN rail connector which will allow hardware expansion.

The software on the device is based on the philosophy of sensible defaults. Pre-installed is a web based administration interface which is secured over an encrypted channel. From the web interface a user can easily install pre-configured docker containers which allow customisation of the development environment. Brainboxes will continue to add freely available resources for you to build your application. Coming soon to the admin interface will be cloud connectors which allow the data from the IO lines to be automatically sent up to a cloud platform such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

If a user taps their NFC equipped mobile phone against the front of a device in the field the relevant information for connectivity will be sent to the phone automatically.

Operating Systems

Tech Spec

Edge Processing
Main ProcessorRaspberry Pi Compute Module 3, 1.2GHz quad-core Broadcom BCM2837 processor
Storage 4 Gbytes eMMC Flash
Integrated ConnectivityWifi, Bluetooth, 2 Independent Ethernet, 8 Digital IO, RS232/422/485 Serial, NFC, Expansion BUS
Cloud ConnectivityYes, out of the box cloud connectors, or program your own
SoftwareSecure Web Administration, Docker, Sample Applications, Fully open and customisable platform
Real Time ClockYes; with battery backup
IO Channels
IO processorArduino microcontroller processing real time signals (reprogrammable)
IO ProtocolsModbus TCP or DCON ASCII (over TCP or Virtual COM port)
Description8 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs
Digital Inputs8
Digital Outputs8
Power On ValuesOutputs can be set to predetermined values on power on
Digital IO
Input Logic Level 0-30.0V to +1.0V
Input Logic Level 1+2.0V to +30V
Inputs NPN/PNPJumper Selectable
Input LatchesTriggered by user programmable positive or negative edges, stays true until acknowledged
Input CounterUser progammable- counts positive or negative transitions up to 200Hz
Digital Output TypeOpen drain transistor, protected MosFET. Short circuit protection up to 36V. Over temperature shutdown -175°C typical 150°C min
Maximum Output Load Voltage30 VDC
Maximum Output Current Sink5.0A per channel
Serial Port
Ports1 Multi Drop to 8
ConnectorRemovable Screw terminal block connector - 3.5 mm pitch
Tx FIFO Size128
Rx FIFO Size128
Operating DistanceEIA - RS232 Standard
Serial Port Settings
Max Baud Rate1,000,000 (1 MegaBaud)
Data Bits5,6,7 or 8
ParityWorks at all data word lengths, parity option and stop bits combinations
Stop Bits1, 1.5 or 2
Flow ControlTXD, RXD, RTS, CTS
Tx/Rx ModesPoint to Point
Number of Ports1
Wi-Fi Standard802.11 b/g/n
Network Port TypeRJ45 Jack 10/100 MHz Autosensing, Cross Over Autosensing (MDIX)
Protection1500V Magnetic Isolation between ports and network
Bluetooth Settings
Bluetooth Qualification1.1 Qualified
Bluetooth ClassClass 2
Radio Frequency2.45 GHz
Supported Bluetooth ProfilesSPP (Serial Port Profile)
Default ConfigBy Default sends Network Settings to connecting device
Operating SystemRaspbian Lite - based on Debian
SecurityLatest SSH and TLS security protocols
AdministrationSecure Web administration with user definable roles
Docker SupportPreinstalled with web admin interface, Customised Containers available for NodeRed
ConfigurabilityFull access to secure linux command line, open system, fully configurable, custom OS can be flashed into memory if required
Power Input5V input via USB Cable/Power Adapter/Pin 9
Max Input35 Volts
Uninterrupted Power SupplyYes; Integrated UPS
UPS Typical shutdown window40 seconds mean time til shutdown under typical workload
Operating Temperature Range-30 °C to +80 °C / -22 °F to +176 °F
Industrial StandardYes
Storage Temperature-40 °C to +85 °C / -40 °F to +185 °F
Power Consumption4 Watts Typical, 15W Max
Product Weight0.248 kg, 8.75 ounces
Product Dimensions120x99x45 mm, 4.7x3.9x1.8 inches
Packaged Weight0.334 kg, 11.78 ounces
Packaged Dimensions160x135x49 mm, 6.3x5.3x1.9 inches
GTIN (barcode)837324004441
Operating System Compatibility
Operating Systems
  • Communicate with Device over TCP from any OS
  • Suitable for any device with a Web Browser
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Android
  • Linux
EthernetEthernet Interface takes advantage of a companies pre-existing infrastructure, allowing you to connect to your Brainboxes device over the local network, or from across the world.