• es 246 ethernet 1 port rs232
  • ES 246 RS 232 Pinout
  • ES 246 back
  • ES 246 side
  • Es 246 front
  • es 246 ethernet 1 port rs232
es 246 ethernet 1 port rs232
  • 1 Port RS-232
  • Ethernet to Serial Device Server
  • Data rate from 110 to 1,000,000 baud (1 MegaBaud)
  • Install Virtual Com ports, communicate over TCP or telnet or use the Software APIs for Visual Basic, C# and more
  • Serial Port Tunnelling allows serial cable replacement over any distance, no software required
  • Power supply included (power input 5-30V DC)
  • ES-246-datasheet (0.95 MB)
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Ethernet to Serial device server providing access to one RS232 serial port. Data transfer rates up to 1,000,000 baud (1 MegaBaud), coupled with 1Mbit/s line drivers deliver uncompromising performance. Baud rates can be standard values such as 9,600, 115,200, 230,000, 921,600 or user definable non standard values.

Our ES range provides simple instant networked serial ports. A web interface allows secure configuration and control of the serial ports over a local network or the internet using any browser. For Windows our in-house designed (32 bit and 64 bit) driver gives you local COM ports, retaining existing software applications and allowing you to connect across your network to remote devices just as if they were attached locally.

Serial Port Tunnelling (individually configurable) allows serial cable replacement over any distance, no software required. You can access the device via TCP/IP sockets from any networked device like an Android tablet, PC or phone. On Windows OS TCP/IP sockets are handled by the Winsock API, this will differ on other OSs.

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Tech Spec

Serial Port
ConnectorDB9 Connector - 9 Pin Male
Tx FIFO Size256
Rx FIFO Size32
Operating DistanceEIA - RS232 Standard
CableNo Cable; Integrated Connector
Serial Port Settings
Max Baud Rate1,000,000 (1 MegaBaud)
Data Bits5,6,7 or 8
ParityOdd, Even, None, Mark or Space
Stop Bits1 or 2
Tx/Rx ModesPoint to Point
Power Input5V - 30V DC input, reverse polarity protected
Power Over EthernetNo - this product does not have PoE capability
Power Supply 1 DescriptionGlobal Power Supply - PW-800
Power Supply 2 Description
Mounting Accessories 1 DescriptionDIN-Rail Mounting Kit - MK-048
Mounting Accessories 2 Description
PCB Layers4
Operating Temperature Range0 °C to +60 °C / 32 °F to +140 °F
Device Dims with ears96.3x101x25
Device Dims without ears91.6x77x25
Power Consumption0.76W (Typical)
Product Weight0.109 kg, 3.84 ounces
Product Dimensions106x105x28 mm, 4.2x4.1x1.1 inches
Packaged Weight0.362 kg, 12.77 ounces
Packaged Dimensions200x135x80 mm, 7.9x5.3x3.1 inches
GTIN (barcode)837324002287
Operating System Compatibility
Operating Systems
  • Communicate with Device over TCP from any OS
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 8 32 bit & 64 bit Editions
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit Editions
  • Windows Server 2008 32 bit & 64 bit Editions
  • Windows Vista 32 bit & 64 bit Editions
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit Editions
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Linux
EthernetEthernet Interface takes advantage of a companies pre-existing infrastructure, allowing you to connect to your Brainboxes device over the local network, or from across the world.


Microsoft Signed Drivers

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Typical Product Applications

Connect to PLCs over Network

  • Connecting a serial modem to a ethernet port on a Schneider M258 plc
  • Connecting to Omron PLCs (e.g. model C200HE, CJ1)
  • Remote access to Mitsubishi PLC's
  • Connecting to Rockwell's Micro830 PLC.
  • Pull data from PLC to display it on an HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Network enable Lasers with Serial Ports

  • Network a Keyence Laser to monitor data.
  • Network an MDL lasers which uses RS232 for measurement
  • Connect Micro-Epsilon Highspeed laser scanner to factory floor data gathering system.

Factory Floor Devices

  • CNC Downloading Data milling to NC unit
  • Connect lathes to a network
  • Communicating with a black body for a thermal camera calibration process
  • Monitor/control over the network a Froeling Wood Pellet Boiler which provides a serial port for command & control.
  • Interfacing with legacy LED signage.
  • Remote programming a legacy SBC (Single Board Computer) machine control system.
  • To convert Nordic RF601 serial to ethernet (shop floor data collection device)

Network Enable Office Infrastructure

  • To talk to a Siemens ISDX telephone switch
  • Remote connection and management of Bosch fire panel
  • Serial control of alarm systems

Network Enable Remote Serial Applications

  • Linked up a Medical Device to the Hospital Information System
  • Networking of test instruments in a client lab.
  • Remote support of hardware
  • Instrument remote connection
  • Network enabling Serial Weighing Machines and Serial Printers
  • Connect to GPS receiver, Garmin GPS18x over network
  • To connect to downhole survey tools. Communicate with Serial Cameras, gyro's magnetometers and radiation sources which are used by Mining companies to survey drill holes in the ground
  • LAN to Serial to connect Aurora Cloud Sensor RS232 port through network to data collection on PC.
  • Connect a Weigh bridge for checking legal limits for wagons from a remote location to a Cardinal 225 Navigator Panel.