RS-485 Masterclass - What is it and Why use it?

Part 1 of this lecture looked at the benefits of RS-485 and we present a selection of the concepts in this article. If you are new to RS-485 or contemplating using it here are some of the reasons it can be a great choice for data transmission. Six great reasons to use it: cost, speed, reach, noise resilience & simplicity

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CNC machining benefits from PLC operation linked to PC control, networking

CNC machining benefits from PLC operation linked to PC control, networking by Eamonn Walsh

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Controlling a Serial Port From a PHP Webserver

Using PHP in both Windows, OSX and linux to control an RS232 or RS422/485 serial port

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Powering BL-819/BL-830

BL-819 and BL-830 can be powered from alternative sources, for example using USB or Car Cigarette lighter.

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PCI and PCI Express

An introduction to PCI and PCIe and their differences

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The Software Challenge

How to present the data in a uniform manner to the computing device, that is simple to use, easy to configure, secure and...

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Latency and Response Times

What is Latency? And why is it such an issue?

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Brief History of Serial Communications

From MSDOS and ISA to Multicore CPUs and Windows

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BB16PCI958: PCI UART Interface Chip

The BB16PCI958 contains eight UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitters) with a host interface suitable for direct connection to a PCI bus.

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Instant Wireless Cable Replacement

Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes was a guest speaker at this year’s Bluetooth Americas 2003 exhibition in San Jose.

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